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Reducing/Diverting waste from our kitchen

The food industry is incredibly wasteful.

I had no idea.

My business plan is based on having a farm that is environmentally responsible and I wouldn't have my kitchen operate in any other way. My plan had ideals that I had to temporarily let go of, but being environmentally responsible was not one that I was willing to compromise on.

So, our team works hard to channel everything in our kitchen into the right avenue. I'm proud of them for embracing this ethos and for proving that it can be done.

This picture shows a month's worth of trash from our kitchen.

One month.

This is all we throw away, every month.

We compost and recycle and generally try not to bring things into our kitchen that can't be composted or recycled/re-used in some way.

Since we opened in August, we have composted (diverted from the landfill) over 1200 lbs of food scraps. I'm proud of that.

Plus, it makes for really great compost that grows delicious food!

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