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OUR Mission 

We make it easy to choose a healthy & convenient meal

made with sustainably grown ingredients, 

from a farmer you know.

OUR values

  • Environmental: Consider the impact on the environment with every choice we make. Is there a better alternative?

  • Community: Always consider how we can benefit our wider community.  “We all do better when we all do better.”

  • Sustainability: We are only sustainable if our choices positively impact people (employees, customers & community), the planet and if our company is financially profitable.

  • Passion: Bring excitement and passion to everyday.  Look for opportunities to learn; challenge ourselves and each other to be better.

  • Efficiency: Be efficient, but not at the cost of quality or humanity.

  • Honesty: Always be honest, and kind in your honesty.

  • Educate & Learn: be aware of opportunities to educate about food/nutrition/farming/health. Use every interaction to gently educate. Remember there is always something to learn from others.

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