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Frequently Asked Questions about our CSA/Farmshare

What is my pick up schedule? 
Please see this calendar for the entire year schedule. If you sign up for a half share, you will sign up for either 
Will you remind me every week to pick up? 
You will receive an email newsletter each week, this can act like a reminder if needed. 
We consider it your responsibility to remember your pick up but we also understand that we are all busy so if you forget or have a conflict, just get in touch.  We keep in pretty close contact through the season and we work hard to work with you so I'm confident between all of us, we'll get you your veggies:)
What if I can't pick up my bag one week?
With 3 days advance notice by email, we are happy to adjust your schedule and just bump you to the make up week at the end of the season. You can also have a friend pick up or we can hold it for you for one additional day.
If you unexpectedly can't make it to pick-up, you can have a friend pick it up (either for you or as a gift to them). 

Can I get a smaller share? 
All our shares are the same size. If it seems like too many vegetables for you to use in one week, I recommend opting for the Half Share (amount of veggies will be the same but you would pick up every other week instead of every week.) OR join with a friend and you all can split a share, we have folks that do that very successfully.
I am allergic to garlic, can you leave that out of my bag? 

We tried customizing boxes but now that we have more members, it becomes so hard to accommodate everyone's specific requests and customizing boxes would take more time from us (when we would rather be growing your food!).  Our solution to this is our swap box at pick up. Each week that you pick up, you can look through your box and swap out anything that you don't want with something on our market table or in a swap bin. You can swap out as much as you want, we won't be offended:) and we hope you'll be thrilled with what you're taking home.

Last year you offered add ons to our CSA that we really enjoyed (eggs and flowers especially), can we add that this year? 

We are no longer offering these as add ons to be paid up front BUT we WILL still have them this year. Every week when you get your CSA email that tells you what's in your share, you'll be notified of what we have to offer and you will have the option to pre-order (at a discount for CSA members).  Otherwise we will have availability on a first come/first serve basis.

Can I change my pick up location? 

Sure, just let us know in advance!

More questions?! Join us at one of our CSA info days, we'd be happy to talk more or use the contact form here to shoot me an email!

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