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Updated June 1, 2020

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First, a million thank yous for everyone's support and love over the last couple of months. As a fairly new business located in a community built around socializing and joining friends, this shutdown has been scary and uncertain. 

We re-opened this past weekend and found that exactly what 

kept us from being open helped us to re-open


Our plan 

The farm - we are planting extra to be sure we can offer as much as possible as soon as possible. Our farm also allows us to keep our amazing employees busy and out in the healthy sunshine while keeping risks low. We are implementing all safety measures on our farm as in our kitchen.

The kitchen - We are still cooking for pre-order pick up and delivery.
We will remain closed for walk up orders until further notice.

We are still cooking up delicious food for you all while taking all necessary precautions. Our farm team is wearing gloves and masks during harvest and washing. Our kitchen team is wearing gloves and masks at all times.

We are offering pre-orders/pre-payment only at this time for
curbside pick up or free delivery within a 10 mile radius of the shop. 

Pick Up & Delivery: Thursday-Sunday 4-6 pm
I had a crash course in developing my online shop so bear with me if it’s not the smoothest. If all else fails, email me your order, we will make it happen!

How you can help

**order online  At checkout, please clearly indicate the following:
-date you would like your food (Thurs-Sun 4-6pm)
-pick up or delivery
-if delivery, your phone number & your address 

**buy a giftcard to be used at the farm or kitchen at a later date. Right now we are offering 10% value over your gift card amount.

**check in on your neighbors and take good care of yourselves.

Right now, this is our path forward, we will adjust as needed.
We are proud to be growing food and cooking meals for our community, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support!

Be well everyone.

Much love,

Kristin, Katelyn, Sarah Anne, Jane 

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