Do you want your own personal farmer?

By joining our CSA and farm, you get far more than just a box of veggies

Our CSA/Farmshare is FULL for 2019!
But there are plenty of other ways to find our Certified Naturally Grown produce, herbs, flowers and honey!

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May 1 – Aug 17
No CSA/Farm Share pick ups from Aug 18-Sep 7
Sept 11 – Nov 23

Pick up at the farm: Wednesdays 3-6pm

Pick up at Apex Farmers Market: Saturdays 8:30am-12:30pm

Pick up at Briar Chapel Clubhouse: Wednesdays 3-6pm


Benefits of joining our CSA

  • Certified Naturally Grown Produce
  • Flexible schedule. We give you the ability to plan around vacations or just skip weeks.
  • Sleep in on Saturdays!  We hold your veggies in a cooler for you at market until you can mosey on over to pick them up:)
  • First access to new or limited items on the farm! Also, first access and choice of overly abundant items on the farm.
  • Swap bin at pick up.  Swap those radishes in your share for beets in the bin if you want! You can swap multiple items, we want you to be happy and inspired by your veggies.
  • Recipes and inspiration throughout the season to help you make the most of your CSA/Farm Share.

What are my options?

All shares are 6-10 items depending on the season and availability, you choose 12 wks or 24 wks from a 27 week season.

Full Share $610 (24 wks of your choice)
Half Share $400 (12 wks of your choice)

Add on Options:

  • Flower share $96 (12 wks)
    • beautiful bouquets of fresh cut flowers from our farm
  • Egg share $60 (12 wks)
    • happy hen eggs from our friend’s farm
  • Bread share $72 (12 wks) or $144 (24 wks)

“Pay What You Can” SharesFollow the progress in our campaign to make fresh produce more accessible to all of our community.

What does it mean to join a CSA/Farm Share?

It’s an investment in your health and your community.

CSA=Community Supported Agriculture.

Cultivating community through sharing in the abundance (and also some of the losses) of the land.

By joining our farm as a CSA/Farm Share member, you are joining as a partner in our farm. You get far more than a box of veggies each week. You get a direct connection with the source of your food and the people who work very hard to grow it for you.

Watch this great little video courtesy of Happen Films for some “food for thought”

A CSA/Farm Share partnership (in my mind!) is:

You: By purchasing a “Farm Share”, you are saying: “I value your work as a farmer, I want my food as fresh as possible, to travel as little as possible, to be grown without harming the environment, to teach my children where food comes from, to experience the best tasting produce, to learn and become comfortable with seasonal eating.”

Me: By offering a “CSA/Farm Share”, I am saying: “I value you as a community member and want you to have the best nutrition possible. I want to leverage my skills as a sustainable farmer to feed my community and help minimize this huge distance we’ve created between us and our food. I want to teach you anything you want to know about feeding yourself and your family well”

CSA Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a CSA pick up at the farmers market vs just shopping at the farmers market?

Your veggies will be packed and kept fresh for you at market to pick up at any ol’ time you want. No more rushing to get there before all the best things are sold out. Or maybe you just want to sleep in on Saturday morning and saunter in and pick up your bag of goodies at 12. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it!? That’s an option.

How does the farm benefit from your CSA/Farm share membership?

By providing partial or full payment up front before the season starts, you help provide the funds needed to make large purchases of seed, supplies, amendments etc that are needed in order to grow vegetables for you throughout the growing season. In exchange, I act as your personal farmer (who doesn’t want their own personal farmer!?)

What do you, as a CSA/Farm Share member get, by joining?

CSA/Farm share members are given priority when harvest season comes. If there is a limited supply of anything, it goes into your bag, not to market. I trial new things each year and you get to be the first to try them out! Being a member of a CSA means you understand the hard work and planning that goes into organic agriculture as well as its many risks. As a member, we hope you’ll get to share in an abundant and nourishing harvest.

Is a CSA/Farmshare Right for Me?

CSA/Farm Share works well for a variety of people. It includes parents who seek out the freshest/cleanest produce for their families, older folks who no longer have a place to have a garden but can’t go back to “eating from the grocery!”, neighbors who see us out working everyday and enjoy the bounty we produce, usually folks who enjoy cooking, trying new things. It also includes those who can’t make it to markets on Saturdays or just prefer to pick up on the farm.

I eat this food everyday and I love to cook, I am always more than happy to share recipes and ideas of how to use the veggies we grow. I’m always just a phone call/email/text message away and I’d prefer you ask questions than have that food go to waste and you be disappointed.

CSA’s/Farm Shares might not work so well for you if you don’t enjoy cooking/don’t have time to cook or if you aren’t somewhat flexible in your menu planning. If you can’t commit to picking up your veggies each week or if it just doesn’t seem like such a good fit for you, that’s completely understandable. It’s not for everyone. Please stop by your local farmers market and get to know what’s in season, see what small changes you can make to eat seasonally and get to know your farmers. That is just as noble a pursuit!:) 

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

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